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Duck and the Water Cycle (11 min.)


Fulldome storytelling for training and children's entertainment. Initiation for the learning of the water cycle. DURATION: 11'00''. IN THE FINAL DEVELOPMENT PHASE. CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE.

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Resolution availableSelect a resolution in the product sheet
FormatSuitable for projectors fisheye or spherical mirror ( with software deformation).
Available languagesSpanish and English
Subject-matterEnvironmental Awareness
Content typeChildhood Education
Duration (Approx.)10 minutes
LicenseLicense Payment
Type planetariumMobile or fixed Planetarium. FullDome film suitable for schools, museums or other children's spaces.
ObservationsIf you want this film in other languages please contact us: hola@buofulldome.com
Facturación y Entrega The delivery date of the film could take between 15 and 30 days approx. For reasons of management and preparation of documentation, license, files and relevant billing.


Película infantil para planetarios pinocho

Initiation for the learning of the water cycle, we will see the importance of water in the life of people, animals and plants. others explain the route of the water in the water cycle as well as the state of the water in nature. Reference is also made to the importance of responsible use and care of water for the improvement of the environment. The seasons of the year are also mentioned. The story is presented in a fun and dynamic way.

Spanish version available. English version available. Also available without voice narrator (music only), this film is designed for the intervention of a instructor or teacher.

© Alejandro Duran Mediavilla . All rights reserved.

Please read the terms of use license.


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