Apprentice Rancher. (5 min. Approx.)


Apprentice Rancher is a children's movie for fulldome Events. DURATION: 5'00''.

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Sky Indifferent
Format Suitable for projectors fisheye or spherical mirror ( with software deformation).
Available languages Spanish and English
Subject-matter Natural Sciences
Content type Childhood Education
Duration (Approx.) 5 minutes
License License Payment
Type planetarium Mobile or fixed Planetarium. FullDome film suitable for schools, museums or other children's spaces.
Observations If you want this film in other languages please contact us:
Facturación y Entrega The delivery date of the film could take between 15 and 30 days approx. For reasons of management and preparation of documentation, license, files and relevant billing.


Apprentice Rancher is a children's movie for fulldome Events. Film introduction to livestock. We see the animals, both domestic and wild .

This film is designed for the intervention of a instructor or teacher.

What is a digital planetarium? FullDome projecting a movie in a digital mobile or fixed digital planetarium (museum), it is a dome-shaped structure where the public attend the show from within. This format provides a unique learning experience and recommended for the training period of the smallest to be fun and interactive.

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